Even if you are a DIY fan, sometimes, your home needs the help of a specialist to fix all that is broken or should be renovated. When it happens, it’s time to call a handyman! That technician comes to your address to help you improve all the breakouts and damages when there is no sense in calling special services.

Just consider that you have bought a mirror and it is delivered by a shipper to your home. What’s next? If you have no idea about how to install it, it’s a handyman may help you with it. We can make lots of examples of that kind and there are no homes where everything is always tip-top. So, a handyman always has something to do in your home.

What Tasks to Ask a Handyman to Do

We can simply call a handyman a real Jack of all trades. That is, you can hire that pro to do all the small repairs your home needs.

The List of Main Odd Jobs a Handyman Can Do for You

Here we’ve collected the most in-demand services you can get from the handyman in San Jose and Sacramento.


    • Door Installation

    • Caulking

    • Door Repair

    • Flooring Installation

    • Furniture Repair

    • Installs Customer Purchased Materials

    • Offers Mobile Home Services

    • Drywall Installation

    • Fence or Gate Painting

    • Siding Painting

    • Plumbing Services

    • Appliance Installation

    • Color Matching

    • Exterior Painting

    • Home Remodeling

    • Interior Painting

    • Deck or Porch Painting

    • Picture & Mirror Hanging

The list may vary as each handyman has their own specializations. Some may be more experienced in painting while others are real plumbing pros. So, it is better to clarify that question when you apply for the services of a chosen handyman company in San Mateo, San Jose or Sacramento.

Can I Hire a Handyman for Exterior Work?

Some may mistakenly consider a handyman just a combo of a repairman and a serviceman for various installation works. It’s not all that you can get from this specialist! A good handyman can cope with lots of exterior repair and renovation tasks too.

Besides painting and fixing your porch and fence, you can ask him to help with small roofing repairs, lighting installation, or even the installation of garden furniture and pergolas.

Thus, keeping a phone number of a good handyman working in your area in Sacramento, San Jose, and San Mateo in your contact list is a must.