What are the main benefits of working with a Professional for Floor Installation?

Surely everyone ever had or will have to change the flooring in their home. And her choice is often quite a difficult task. In addition to the aesthetics of the flooring, you should also consider its durability and price. You should also carefully consider whether a certain floor covering will perform the functions of a given room.

Is the tile only suitable for the bathroom or can it be put in the living room as well? Laminate – the right choice or is it better to rely on modern colored concrete? The questions are countless. And to make it easier for you, in this article we will provide you with a list of important factors to consider when choosing flooring and how to choose the best one for your home. And if you need professional help installing your new flooring, feel free to contact professional contractors.

High level of professionalism

The method of arranging the coating on the surface can be different: vertically or horizontally in relation to the window, diagonally. The landmark is a window, not a doorway. Each method has an aesthetic value and does not affect the practical properties. It can visually lengthen, expand the room, and add interesting accents to the interior design on geometric lines. The term of work for each method is also different, the most complex and long – diagonally, so the cost will be more expensive.

Each type of flooring has its own name familiar to specialists, is intended for certain types of premises, and some have special tactile properties. In order for your floor to be perfect, two conditions must be met:

  1. Use of quality material.
  2. Professional installation work.

Before choosing the floor coverings that you want to see on the floor of your home or office, check all the information about their technical characteristics.


For a minimum amount of information, you can get the instructions for coating provided by the manufacturer.

But, unfortunately, she will not be able to advise you on how the selected material will suit your base, so in this case, it is better to turn to professionals who have extensive experience in installing floor coverings.

When carrying out work on the study of the existing base, specialists will give recommendations on the installation of a new floor covering at minimal cost and with the maximum effect of comfort and aesthetics.

Favorable cost

For laying flooring, prices are formed in accordance with some features of the upcoming work:

  • The area of the room or the entire dwelling;
  • The condition of the existing floors (will it be necessary to carry out dismantling work, and prepare the base for a new coating);
  • The chosen masonry method (some involve increased material costs due to the need to trim, fit the shape or size of the room);
  • Availability of additional works: unloading of material, dismantling, and removal of garbage after the end of the task.

In order to lower the price for laying flooring, you need to think over a work plan and prepare the room for the work of the masters on your own.

This can be ordered from specialists who will carry out the work. The client can independently find out on the website of the company in which he plans to order the service, the current tariffs for services, and determine the approximate cost of the work. For laying the laminate flooring, the price per m2 is indicated in the price list. These rates are relevant, but the total amount for the work may differ due to different features. To find out exactly what is the price per m2 for laying laminate and for work in general, you need to order an estimate calculation from specialists.

A competent approach to work and the use of professional tools

Hallways, corridors, and stairs are often subject to additional pollution from wet outdoor shoes during rain or snowfall. Also, it is the corridors and hallways that are the rooms with the highest traffic. The flooring in these rooms should be moisture-resistant and easy to clean. Most of all, ceramic tiles, polished plank floors, and wear-resistant laminate are suitable for the hallway. It is permissible to use durable carpeting on the stairs, which will make them safer for descent and ascent.

Floor coverings are very diverse, and the range is so large that you have to spend several days choosing them in huge household and construction hypermarkets, scrupulously studying and evaluating the properties of the material, its quality, price categories, and, of course, appearance. One way or another, but having begun a serious overhaul, it is recommended to contact professionals regarding the choice of material for flooring.

Turning to designers for help, will save your nervous system and save time because repairs already take a lot of effort. In addition, the designer will help you choose flooring not only based on its external data but also taking into account the purpose of the rooms, as well as the overall interior design. A floor selected by a professional will delight you with its beauty, durability, convenience, and practicality. Experienced designers can easily cope with this task, and you just have to enjoy the end result.

Free yourself from installation stress

Depending on the flooring substrate (adhesive, felt, rubber or cork), the system of its fastening to the base is selected, and if necessary, special products are purchased, for example, the purchase of conductive adhesive. When locking, flooring is carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the flooring manufacturer.

Thanks to great experience and acquired skills, a professional master performs all work quickly, accurately, and accurately, which saves time, materials, and money for the owner of the premises. Only a specialist will competently perform the work of laying the floor covering around the pipes in the room and installing the threshold, which symbolizes the end of the installation work.

For laying floor coverings such as PVC rolls, linoleum, and adhesive LVT, an important characteristic of the base is its smooth surface, without scratches, pits, chips, and cracks. Since these floor coverings are not thicker than 2-6 mm, any defect in the base will immediately appear on the surface of the floor covering. To create a high-quality smooth surface, leveling masses are used, such as Uzin NC 170 and NC 160. The layer thickness of the leveling mass is 3-4 mm.

When laying floating floor coverings such as laminate and parquet, the surface of the screed must be free of building material contamination and dedusted with a water-based primer. When bonding floor coverings, the surface of the screed must necessarily be processed with a grinder using sanding paper grain P60.

Substrate preparation is a key step before laying flooring. It should be treated carefully because the life of your floor depends on it. If you entrust this whole process to professionals, then you will save yourself from unnecessary stress that you do not need in everyday life. Therefore, professionals will be able to help you with all the questions that will definitely arise in this difficult process.

Work quality assurance

The quality and service life of any floor covering is 90% dependent on the correct installation. Proper installation begins with an assessment of the quality of the base, in modern construction, it is usually cement-sand screeds. In order to qualitatively mount a laminate, LVT, or parquet board, the base must be flat (height difference <2 mm on a 2-meter rail), dry (humidity <2% CM), and strong (impact strength 20 MPa – Grade M200) . Also, there should be no cracks on the screed, hairline cracks are allowed, and the deviation from the horizontal plane is not more than 0.2% of the size of the room (no more than 50 mm in total). And it is professional craftsmen who are able to perform the entire range of work competently, providing you with long-term guarantees.

A few words as a conclusion

And in the end, do not forget that it is better when professionals are engaged in laying the flooring. Next, the project is handed over to the customer. After the delivery of the project, the customer takes out all the waste material that remains after the installation of the screed. You can also count on professional advice from specialists who will answer all your questions. You can get all the information you need about how the work will proceed, how long it will take, and the cost it will cost you. And in the end, do not forget that it is better when the laying of the flooring is carried out by professionals.

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