Tips for remodeling your home at an attractive price

Owners of private houses, both new and old, after a certain time, may be faced with the need for repairs. And often, they face the question: “Where to start repairing a private house?”. To find the answer, you need to read the recommendations and advice of experts.

Each of the repair options has its own characteristics and includes certain types of work. During the overhaul, significant changes were made to the premises. Often a complete dismantling of old coatings, windows, and doors is carried out. All works and selection of materials are carried out in accordance with international standards and norms. Cosmetic repairs of a private house require less financial and time costs, but it is required much more often. And if you need help, it is recommended to seek the help of specialists.

How to start remodeling your home?

First of all, it is necessary to draw up a plan that will indicate the sequence of repairing a private house, all calculations, a list of materials, and other subtleties. Usually, work is carried out in the following order:

  • Preparation;
  • measurements;
  • Drawing up a budget;
  • Purchase of materials;
  • Repair of individual rooms in the house.

In the preparatory phase, it is necessary to determine the style and design of the interior, what materials will be used, and by what forces the repair will be carried out. This is one of the first points where repairs begin. It is recommended to contact a trusted company, which will significantly speed up the repair and increase its quality level.

You can do the repair yourself, however, not every homeowner can do it. Especially if we talk about major repairs and renovations. Self-execution significantly increases the execution time and the risk of incorrect execution.

After the preparatory stage, measurements and budgeting follow. Measurements must be accurate, because in the future, taking into account, the necessary building materials will be purchased. Also, measurements will be required when moving or expanding doorways and redevelopment, if it is a major overhaul.

Ideas for a major renovation of your home

Consider the basic ideas for various rooms in your home.

The work process for the bathroom

The bathroom is an important room in the apartment, which can also be boasted of. But its aesthetics should be equal and even inferior to the cleanliness and functionality of the room. So, when renovating a bathroom, where to start is the main question. The next step is to develop a clear plan of action. Only then will the repair be effective and will not stretch for months.

Plan your renovation

This step allows you to imagine, draw and paint visually how the whole process will take place and what is expected to be seen at the end of it. A plan is an opportunity for a reasonable and rational division of repairs into stages, dividing them among themselves into those that are carried out with their own hands or only through the knowledge of experts. In the drawn projection of the rooms, the corridor, the kitchen, the bathroom, and the hall, they immediately indicate what and where the furniture, appliances, and plumbing will be. This will help to bring electrical outlets in the right places and calculate the lighting so that it emphasizes the aesthetics of the transformation.

Purchase materials for repair work

Based on the prepared plan of the premises and clearly indicated stages of the repair, it is easier to calculate the number of materials, plumbing, and furniture needed to implement the transformations. At the same time, it is better to purchase finishing elements and tools in a reliable store. You can save money by buying in bulk here.

Remove old coatings

But the bath and sink are dismantled, even if their replacement is not included in the plans – only because they can be damaged during repairs.

Replace hidden communications

This is not the first, but a rather important answer to the question of where to start doing repairs in the bathroom. Because old communications can cancel the results of fresh repairs. A modern approach with the creation of hidden elements of life support systems makes it possible to quickly and easily access them in any situation. But it does not interfere with the aesthetic appearance of the bathroom.

Cover the floor with a waterproofing layer

This layer saves from dampness from the basement, flooding of your own apartment, and simply an increased level of moisture in this room.

Installation/repair of a ventilation system

Without her in the bathroom – nowhere. The ideal option for the bathroom is forced ventilation.

Clad/finish walls, ceiling, and floor

Everything related to covering surfaces with selected mixtures, wallpaper, paints, and whitewashing is performed at this stage.

Make the finishing touches

This includes the installation of plumbing, the installation of equipment and its connection, as well as decorating the interior with various details.

These steps will tell any layman what to do when a major bathroom renovation is planned, where to start it, and how to complete it so that the result pleases for years.

What does a kitchen renovation include?

The most popular place in the house is traditionally the kitchen. Here they not only cook but also spend their leisure time, communicating, etc. It is with a redecoration of the kitchen that it is recommended to start if you want to refresh the apartment. In the kitchen, many factors, such as smoke, splashes, and high humidity, negatively affect the condition of furniture and surfaces. Consider which parameters should be given more attention.

Pay more attention to ceilings

In most cases, kitchen renovation starts from above: if small cracks appear on the painted ceiling, cover the furniture with plastic wrap and repair the damage with putty. Are there any cracks in the ceiling? They will also have to be puttied, and then applied on top of the paint – such a repair will not hit the budget and is accessible even to a non-professional.

If the ceiling finish is seriously damaged, cover it with thick wallpaper or lay it out with polystyrene foam tiles. If the budget allows, mount a suspended ceiling – a specialist will do this job quickly and almost without dirt.

Wall Renovation

Has the kitchen wallpaper worn off in some places? Mask problem areas with decor: paintings, photographs, or vinyl stickers.

If a tile is cracked on the wall, it can be pulled out and replaced with a new one. Clean the seams along the perimeter of the damaged element with a spatula and remove it with a chisel and hammer. The freed surface must be primed, and then a new tile should be put on the glue and the seams should be rubbed.

Cracked or faded paint? You will have to remove the old coating with a solvent and repaint the damaged element or the entire wall. Choose silicate, silicone, or latex paints – the latter will cost more, but will dry in less than an hour.

Pay attention to the floors

The easiest work and budget option for finishing the floor are to lay linoleum. This material is not afraid of moisture and is easy to clean, but sometimes there are difficulties with it. After the “shrinkage” of the new building, linoleum sometimes moves away from the wall. If the deformations are insignificant, a wider plinth will solve the problem. Heavily damaged linoleum is better to re-lay.

Tiled floors often have problems with seams. If they have darkened, mechanical cleaning or a new layer of putty will help. To replace old, damaged joints, clean out the dried mortar with a spatula or flathead screwdriver, then wipe the crevices with a damp sponge and apply fresh grout.

Tidy up the furniture

Old wooden furniture can be given a second chance by removing the old finish with a solvent, polishing, and applying a new coat of paint.

If a natural stone marble countertop is cracked, cover the damage with a solution of epoxy glue, whitewash chalk, and mineral pigment for tint. All elements must be mixed until a homogeneous mass, close the crack, polish the countertop and rub with wax. Artificial marble cannot be repaired on its own – you will have to call a specialist.

Paint over a deep crack in a glossy facade with a permanent glass marker or textile paint. Then, on top of the painting, you need to go through the wax paste. A small scratch can be easily wiped off with a flannel cloth and a little machine oil.

Living room renovation

The living room is the room that needs cosmetic repairs most often. In small apartments, it sometimes serves as a dining room, a place for the whole family to relax, a hall for friendly parties, and even a bedroom, as a result, the elements of the room’s decoration wear out quite quickly. Today we will tell you how to make cosmetic repairs in this room with minimal effort and cost.

Renovation of the flooring in the room

Floor covering for the hall is practical and easy to care for. Even such a budget material as linoleum can look luxurious today: imitate natural wood or stone. However, the most popular types of flooring for the living room are laminate, solid wood, or parquet. They look solid, are easy to clean, and do not require special care.

Pay attention to the lighting

It is up to you whether you need to change the wiring when repairing the living room in the country or not. Determine in advance where the new sockets and switches will be located. Do not forget: the load on the electrical network should not exceed the allowable rate. If you do not have the skills to calculate electrical wiring, then you should ask for help from a specialist. Referring to the diagram, make the electrical wiring. Cables can be hidden not only in the walls and under the skirting boards, but also behind the false ceiling structure. And also pay attention to the design, because the overall atmosphere in the room depends on the quality of lighting and the appearance of the lamps.

Attractive Design Tips

Pay attention to the overall design concept so you can definitely achieve the best look for your home interiors.

Detail renovation

On wooden surfaces, whether it is flooring or furniture, scratches and chips sometimes appear. Minor damage can be rubbed with walnut pulp and polished with a soft cloth. Pay attention to fittings, and take care of your garden. If you find it difficult to part with old wooden furniture, it is easy to repaint it. Remove the old fittings, sand the surface with fine sandpaper, apply a water-based acrylic wood primer, and then top coat with acrylic paint of your choice and varnish.

Repaint the stairs

If you are the proud owner of a two-story house, then you should consider renovating the stairs. What is it made of? Wood, metal, glass, or stone? Regardless of its design, take care to repaint and restore the staircase in your home.

A few words as a conclusion

The above are just a few ideas for renovating your home. Regardless of how limited your budget is, you will be able to find the best solution for yourself that will allow you to achieve your goals.

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